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Director's Message

At SunLandPlus we take pride in being an up-and-coming engineering consultancy firm in Hong Kong and in Mainland China.
Good engineers must be able to solving technical problems while positively addressing clients' needs and challenges. For SunLandPlus this means striving to excel in integration of engineering solutions and sustainable development.

Adhering to this holistic view of our business is what distinguishes us from our competitors and enables us to continually improve. 

To accomplish this, we have in place a management team that is focused solely on delivering on our corporate vision of being a well-known consultant, serving and improving the lives of those around us. 

Passion, innovation and dedication are just a few of the characteristics that drive our team to consistently think outside of the box and deliver value-creating solutions in the form of services. 

We know that our clients and our society will flourish only if we seek continual improvement of every facet of our business.  Thus, we are committed to building upon our early success by solidifying the adaptability and resilience of our business to face emerging challenges.  

Mr Andrew Li
Executive Director

Director's Message: Headliner
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